Behind the songs


"Don't Really Need You", my upcoming single, is getting a drop on October 23rd, 2020! The inspiration for this one came from a satirical view on bland relationships. The whole idea is that sometimes you need dissonance to show you really care. This one is a catchy upbeat tune, so If you like songs with a solid groove and extra instrumentation then this one is for you.


My EP Lost is a group of 4 songs that I had written and produced from 2019 and 2020. The whole EP is focused on the theme of not really understanding your place in time. Themes from wondering if there's something more to life as found in the title track "Lost" to questioning your place in a relationship as written in the song "Why?" and "She Says". The song "Plastic Love" was written from experiencing a few oddly fake romantic experiences in Hawaii. 


Lofi is a way of life

The Transition from Singer/Songwriter to Chill Beats  

I remember when I picked up the guitar for the very first time. My sophomore year of undergrad, nothing but John Mayer tunes in my mind... day in and day out. I wanted to create music just like him. I wanted to be the one-man acoustic act I had seen so many times on youtube in his earlier days, but being pop was never my scene. I've always gravitated towards more mellow and sad music, something about the progressions and sounds just soothe. I started realizing other people that love more downtempo and chilled out music also liked similar genres of tv shows, humor, and general habits with day to day life. I finally figured out that lofi was the perfect description and sound to match my mellow lifestyle.